Cleaner sodomizes a 9-year-old boy at the mall toilet

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Mall RAPEA cleaner waited for a nine-year-old boy to leave his family and go to the bathroom in a busy shopping mall in Abu Dhabi, went after him and raped the child. The cleaner had apparently wanted to continue his act for a longer time but he abruptly stopped when the boy started to scream and told him to stop.

The panicking boy rushed out of the toilet and went straight to his parents in the restaurants area. After telling his anxious mother about the incident, she informed the security men, who went into the bathrooms and seized the cleaner, who was still there.
Newspapers said the unnamed cleaner confessed to police that he sodomized the boy. “I went after him and saw that he was struggling to take off his pants…I helped him put his pants down and raped him,” he said, according to Emarat Alyoum daily.

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