Passenger who hid drugs in stomach dies aboard Qatar flight

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QatarA Qatar passenger aircraft made an emergency landing in Saudi Arabia after a Tanzanian man fell seriously ill before dying apparently because of concealing smuggled drugs inside his stomach, a Saudi newspaper reported on Sunday.

The Qatari Airways plane was en route from Brazil to Doha when the pilot radioed the airport in the Saudi capital Riyadh and asked for permission to land on Tuesday night. The pilot said he had to make an emergency landing after a passenger fell seriously ill and needed urgent treatment at hospital, Sabq daily said.
“After landing, examination showed that the passenger died 50 minutes earlier. Several capsules of drugs were found hidden in his clothes and in the toilet,” it said. “It was learned later that the passenger had concealed the narcotics inside his stomach and went to the bathroom to push them out…it is believed that several other drug capsules remained inside his stomach after his death.”

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