Lecturers of SMS Education Institution- Brahmavara felicitated in Dubai

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SMS Education institution Alumni- Brahmavara in the UAE felicitated the lecturers of the institution at Fortune plaza Hotel, Ghusais on Friday the 11th of April 2014.

The ex-students and the teachers were surprised when the program began by the recitation of the song Yeli Mana Kalu kiradu” Yeli Taley Bhag iradu” that was sung in the school decades ago. This song was a compilation of Rabindranath Tagore’s poem, which was translated by B M Srikanthaiah. Members could be seen humming to the tune.

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Mrs Heera Anup Hegde, President of the Alumni, welcomed the lecturers and the ex-students to the inauguration.

The Alumni was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp by Prof Narayanan and the other lecturers.

Roshan Shetty , General Secretary of the Alumni, read out a detailed report on the proceedings of the previous meetings.

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Ganesh Rai spoke at length about the reason why the Alumni was formed and wished all the members the very best. Ganesh Rai also individually thanked Daiji, Mangalorean .com, Gulf kannadiga, Kannadiga world, News karnataka, Sahil online, Visha kannadiga news, for their continuous support. He also advised all the members to be obliged towards the institution and the alumni.

Felicitation of the lecturers
The alumni today witnessed an unforgettable moment of bonding between the teachers and the students. The lecturers were then felicitated individually, with a felicitation certificate, a bouquet a flower basket, a memento and a shawl.

Thomas Suares and his wife Mrs Victoria Suares, lecturers of the SMS Jr college who are currently teachers in UAE, were also felicitated.

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RobertSequiera the student of the first batch was also felicitated.

All the office bearers were involved in the felicitation of the lecturers.

In response to the felicitation, the principal Prof Narayanan expressed his happiness at the progress made by the students in a distant land. During his speech he highlighted the development works undertaken by the institution. He also informed the gathering about the other projects being undertaken for the welfare of the institutions.

He thanked all the old students for the love and affection they showed to him and his colleagues during their visit here.

Susheela Rai, also expressed her happiness at meeting the old students and seeing the progress made by the students. She wished the ex-students the very best and hoped that they would keep the SMS flag flying high.

Thomas Suares, spoke about a unique bond that he has witnessed between the students and teachers and expressed his happiness with the number of ex-students that had turned up for the meeting. He also felt that more ex-students should get involved in the welfare of the school,

Pledge by the students
The ex-students took a pledge to uphold the integrity, and maintain a cordial relationship in this foreign land and also be a role model to future students pledged.
The vote of thanks was done by Anup Hegde, who thanked the lecturers, and all the members for being a part of this historic moment.

Mrs Victoria Suares took charge of the proceedings as the master of ceremony.

During the tea break, the ex-students introduced themselves and shared their experiences with their teachers.

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