Shaikh Abdullah offers help to divorced Emirati woman in Kuwait

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The woman, who has a little son, has been divorced, has an amputated foot, and has no money to survive on.

UAE’s Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan has responded promptly to a tweet made by a Kuwaiti Twitter user, who called for helping an Emirati woman divorced from her Kuwaiti husband and living on charity given to her by philanthropists.

Duwaie Al Ajami, through Twitter, asked for help for an Emirati divorcee who lives without a breadwinner in Kuwait. He said the woman, who is physically challenged, had placed her ID cards with a number of shops in Kuwait as a security deposit in exchange of buying food. He said she is appealing for help and all her information is available with him.

He pointed out that the helpless Emirati woman, whose name he did not mention, was divorced from a Kuwaiti man and was living with her little son. He said she has an amputated foot, has no supporter nor money or alimony to survive on.

He said her ex-husband had forced her to relinquish her alimony and accommodation against her keeping custody of her son.

“The woman submitted to the divorce demands and now lives in a room in an old building and subsists on charity money,” Al Ajami said.

He added that he submitted the woman’s papers to the UAE embassy in Kuwait to help her, but the embassy suggested that she travel to the UAE which would guarantee her treatment. He also said that the woman refused to travel to the UAE as she may risk forfeiting her right to the custody of her son if she left Kuwait.

Soon after he posted his tweets, Al Ajami received a telephone call from Shaikh Abdullah, who told Al Ajami he would take up the matter.

“For the moment, Shaikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s office called me and said the minister would offer help to the Emirati woman,” the Twitter user said.

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