Girl cries ‘Croc!’, calls in Abu Dhabi police

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A girl called the Abu Dhabi Police after she spotted what she thought was a crocodile. However, the reptile turned out to be a chameleon.

The girl spotted the reptile in the garden at her residence, which according to her, stuck its tongue out and prepared to attack her.

The police rushed to the girl’s house with the authorities concerned, where they discovered that the reported crocodile was in fact a pet chameleon belonging to the girl’s neighbour. The chameleon had managed to escape from its owner and made its way to the girl’s garden.

A policewoman calmed the girl down, assuring her that there was nothing to fear.

The Abu Dhabi Police said they handle all distress calls with utmost care and seriousness to tackle potential hazards in the community.

The police called upon the environment authorities to spread awareness about keeping and raising pet animals. The police also urged animal owners to take the necessary precautions to prevent pets from escaping.

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