Emirati teen guilty of threatening to kill family members

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A 19-year-old Emirati has been given a suspended three-month jail sentence for threatening to kill his parents and siblings at the family’s house.

The youngster allegedly made the threats against his family after he lost Dh3,000 from his wallet.

The Dubai Court of First Instance suspended the execution of the jail term for three years.

According to the prosecution records, the incident happened on November 4 last year.

The defendant earlier denied the charge in court and claimed he was only asking his mother about his money.

His father, a 50-year-old employee, earlier pleaded with the Presiding Judge not to sentence his son to be jailed. “I just want him to behave right. He doesn’t listen to me.”

The judge reprimanded the defendant for his behaviour and told him to treat his parents with respect.

The father said during investigation that he was at his house at Oud Al Muteina in Al Qusais, when he was surprised by his son coming in with a meat cleaver in his hand.

“He said he lost Dh3,000 which he had kept in a wallet in his room. He threatened that if he was not given back the money, he would kill me, his mother and his siblings with the cleaver.”

The accused, the father added, also threatened to damage cars of his mother and him and the house’s doors.

The father immediately called the police and the accused was detained.

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