Will Google Glass get banned in the UAE?

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Google Glass has started shipping to developers but will we ever be able to get one into the UAE?

The answer will most probably be no. One of the features of the revolutionary eyewear that Google has developed and is sending out for testing is its capacity to record videos and take pictures. The glasses contain a five-megapixel camera for photos and films in 720p.

UAE has strictly banned any products that can be used to take pictures or videos of any without consent of the other party and a Google Glass user can easily bypass that requirement and can record everything they see, resulting in a serious invasion of privacy.

Consider other issues such as distraction caused to those driving with a Google Glass on. Opinion on the subject varies with majority expressing reservation over the negative use of technology.

“We have had similar debates whenever a new technology has been introduced. It depends on how people decide to use them. While it can be used for positive effects, you cannot prevent anyone from misusing it,” says Joseph John who teaches Media at Manipal University.

According to him there should be some sense of social and physical boundaries. “Today there definitely is a technology over load and human relationships are suffering. We might be communicating with more people but communicating less,” he adds.

According to experts the anyone who is wearing a Google Glass might also be subject to becoming a social outcast. “When you see someone wearing it you might simply avoid the person,” argues Nancy S a corporate communication specialist.

Many companies will not even let emplyees get in with their glasses.

There is also concern that Google will be able to access information about what you do and where you are at any given time.

Data gathered by the Glass will stream back to Google’s servers, which potentially enables the company access to any information stored on your glass. The European Union has already considering it as violating users’ privacy.

Google said it is shipping the first batch of 8,000 Glass Explorer units to customers and developers who paid US$1,500 each. Google has also released the tech specs for its Google Glasses.

The glasses are supported by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and its battery power can last for a day. It also comes with 12 GB of usable memory, synced with Google cloud storage.

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