Showcasing Italian culture in Dubai

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Enjoy the finer aspects of culture at the Italian Pavillion at the Global Village.

The Italian pavilion at the Global Village has become a showcase of the culture of Italy historically shaped by a multitude of regional influences and local centres of power and patronage. The country has a legacy of monuments, paintings, music and literature and boasts of great artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci who have their roots in Italy.

From folk to classical, music has also played an important role in Italian culture. The piano and the violin were invented in Italy and the symphony, concerto and sonata traces their roots to 17th century Italian music.

Several companies from Italy are at the Global Village willing to explore the UAE market. Handcrafted Venetian masks’ producer Due Bi is one such person. Made of paper mache, ceramic, or resin and decorated in bright colours and feathers, you can choose the mask that fits your style.

Just opposite Due Bi is Vicenza, a family-owned business dealing in durable clay pots in attractive colours and designs. Visitors can try moulding their own clay pots and then paint them by hand.


Also, watch the ‘making-of’ video on display at the stand, to see just how much work goes into these items. Vicenza supplies cups, plates, plant pots, and decorative items for the home.

Carra Nonna is well-known for its pasta from special basil infused Puglia to Tagliolini al Salmone, which is a salmon infused tagliolini. The star-shaped pasta is sure to impress kids. They come is various hues and shapes, even dollar-shaped ones are there.

Want to stay ahead of the trends? Bacolte shoes have ladies heels that allow you to interchange them, in other words, personalise your shoes. You can now choose what size of heel you want on your shoe, and interchange heels for different mixing and matching trends.

You can customise your handbag too; Obag offers you this privilege. Choose the bag colour, a detachable handle of your choice and lining for the bag, as well.


Says Khalid Al Aini, the Italy pavilion organiser: “Italy is a country with so much history and culture. While people may go to Italy and experience the history and culture, they can’t always bring a whole lot of goods back with them. The shopping experience and culinary experience we provide at the Global Village really allows visitors, whether they’ve travelled to Italy before or not, to delve into the rich fashion, food, and arts of the country.”

So next time you are at Global Village, visit the Italian pavilion to sample the finer cultural aspects of a truly rich country. Join the Carnevale, pick up some scrumptious handmade mushroom pasta; add your own personal touch to a handbag and experience a country that has added so much to the flavour and aesthetics of the world.

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