Six rape woman after doctoring her juice

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Dubai- RapeA visitor, who had been promised a job in the UAE was raped by six men following her refusal to enter the flesh trade, the Dubai Criminal Court heard. The 24-year-old victim, SZR, who worked as a maid in her home country testified that she met JAB, 37, in her home county and the latter who works in Dubai offered her a job opportunity in a salon for a very attractive salary. I agreed on the offer and so I handed him my passport photocopy and other documents and he left for the UAE. After some time, he sent me a visit visa and an air-ticket. As I arrived, JAB picked me from the airport and dropped me at an apartment.

“There other 6 other women so I asked them why they were doing in the flat. They told me that they work as dancers in a night club. JAB intervened and asked me to work as a dancer. I told him that I do not know dancing and such requires wearing revealing costumes and I cannot do that as I have burns scars on my back. “He then asked me to work as a prostitute. I refused again and then he asked me to work as a maid in the flat. I agreed to do that. “Later, when he asked me to enter into a physical relationship with him, I refused to comply to his suggestion and asked him to send me back to my country.

“He agreed to do so on the condition that I pay him back PR300,000, which he claimed is how much the visa cost. I told him that I do not have such large amount of money and that if I had that kind of money at my disposal, I would not have come to work in the UAE,” she testified. JAB left the victim and asked her to continue working as a maid. She also added: “Twenty days later, he came and asked me to pay the cost of the visa and since I had refused a sexual relationship with him, he said he would force me to entertain men in parties. The victim agreed as long ‘entertaining’ clients did not involve any sexual connotation.”

The accused sent her pictures along that of other women to SKH. SKH chose her along with a few other women of the group to attend a party in a hotel. “JAB dropped us at the hotel where we had dinner with some men. SKH offered me orange juice and told me that it is alcohol-free drink and that he will not allow me to have alcohol since I am not used to it. After drinking the juice I felt dizzy and as the party was getting over, SKH accompanied me to his flat in International City as the birthday party was to be held there. The flat was dark so SKH lit a candle on the table and left the flat saying he would be back very soon. A few mintues later, he returned with other five men and they attacked me and tore off my cloths. They asked me to wear a dancing dress and dance for them.

“When I refused, they attacked and pushed me to the ground where they raped me. Thereafter, they took my passport and kicked me out of the flat with only half my clothes on. “I knocked at the door of an adjoining flat on the same floor to ask for a dress to cover my body. An African woman opened the door and as she saw me she asked me to leave. I went down and took a taxi to a police station and reported the crime,” she testified. Police officials accompanied me to the flat. When they knocked at the door, nobody responded. They took me back to the station. The victim initially told investigators that she took a taxi from Naif area to her accommodation in a hotel in Bur Dubai.

“An Arab was in the same taxi and as I told him I have headache he offered me a drink and after having it I did not feel anything until I was in the flat. There were other five men in the flat who all raped me.” On the following day, the victim was seen crying in the police station. She confessed to not telling the truth as she was scared of JAB. “He had threatened to kill my family back home, but since he has been arrested I shall say the truth,” she told investigators. The victim told police that the accused used to collect Dh1,500 from each woman every day. He did not force me into prostitution as I was pregnant. However, on October 10, 2012, and after having the juice in the party six men raped her in a flat, she told investigators.

Police investigated the matter and reached the residence of SKH, 26, an Indian tourist guide.  JAB, 37, a Pakistani visitor, was later arrested while attempting to leave the country. JAB confessed that he brought the victim to the country and claimed that she works in prostitution ring. He admitted to running a den and that three women worked for him. The Prosecution accused JAB of human trafficking, promoting prostitution and facilitating the illegal work. SKH was accused of raping the victim with other fugitives. (E247)

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