Police alert devices for Emiratis soon: says Lt-General Dhahi Khalfan

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Dubai- DhahiEmirati households in Dubai can soon contact the police for quick help during emergencies with the push of a button on a device that will be distributed to them. In a future development, they would also be able to contact the diplomatic missions when they go abroad.

The trial phase of the ‘Be secure with the push of a button’ initiative has proved to be a success, announced Lt-General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Commander in-Chief of Dubai Police, during the ‘People’s Programme’ on Radio Al Rabia Radio (Channel 4) 107.8 FM on Thursday. The initiative, which will be fully functional soon, aims at “achieving direct and effective interaction” between the public and police.The system is the quickest in the world for soliciting assistance from the law-enforcement personnel by pressing on a button, he said without detailing the technical aspects or logistics of the devices. The police operations room and patrols will identify the location of the person anywhere in the country, he noted.

“The initiative will be implemented countrywide, and even worldwide, as the Emiratis will be provided with the hi-tech system for keeping in touch with the UAE’s embassies and consulates in case they need assistance.” He cited the experience of a trial run of the device in the house of an elderly Emirati who lives in an area located 110km off Dubai. When the man pushed the button asking for help, the police patrols arrived at his house in a couple of minutes.

“The authorities and government officials have been mobilised to serve the people, not to be authoritarian on them, and the officials, irrespective of the posts they hold, must do their best to provide the best possible service to the public,” he said. He said he had launched ‘I am a public service employee’ initiative two years ago, beginning with himself by continuously and constructively interacting with all segments of the society through social networking sites, especially Twitter.

He narrated the story of a young man who was abducted by a group of juveniles who took away his mobile phone and tried to harm him after taking him to a remote area. “He had another phone and dialed 999 and told the receiver what had happened to him. The officer on duty understood the young man was soliciting help. After locating his place, he sent a patrol team, which rescued him from his kidnappers.”

With regard to the two new road toll gates installed at Al Mamzar and Airport Tunnel, Lt-General Dhahi Khalfan said he had suggested them years ago and recommended that these gates must be operational even during the wee hours. “The small sums of dirhams some complain of paying contribute to improving the standard of services,” he added.

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