Who is the new ‘most reckless driver’ in Dubai?

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An Egyptian man topped a new list of the most reckless drivers in Dubai by piling up 245 road offences worth nearly Dh176,000 and having 458 black points added to his traffic record, a Dubai-based newspaper reported on Thursday.

Emiratis, including women, again emerged as the most offending drivers as 11 of them were included in the list while the rest were from India, Iraq and Morocco.

The 15 drivers committed a total 2,884 road offences worth more than Dhtwo million and all of them have not paid their fines, Dubai’s traffic police chief Major General Mohammed Al Zafin said, quoted by Emarat Alyoum Arabic language daily.

He said the Egyptian driver has not renewed his car registration since 2010 and that most of his offences involved speeding.

An Iraqi driver came second in the list with 220 offences worth Dh137,000 followed by an Emirati woman with 220 offences wroth Dh136,000. Another national woman accumulated 218 offences with a value of Dh121,000, followed by an Indian man who committed 216 offences with a value of Dh136,000.

“This is an updated list…all these drivers have committed various offences including exceeding the speed limit by up to 70 km and jumping the red signal,” Zafin said.

“These drivers are making a serious mistake by not renewing their vehicle registration as this leads to an accumulation of fines and renders them unable to pay…we are now trying to locate them in order to seize their cars and take legal measures against them.”

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