Mid-day break rule for workers in UAE to end Sunday

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A rule for mid-day break for workers in outdoor sites, which has been in place since June 15, will come to an end on Sunday, according to a resolution issued by Labour Minister Saqr Ghobash.

The Ministry’s 18 inspection teams will continue visiting workplaces until Sunday to ensure compliance with the rule which bans outdoor works between12.30pm and 3pm.

The rule, implemented for the 9th consecutive year, requires employers to provide their workers with shaded places of rest during recess and to adopt all necessary preventive methods and safety rules to protect workers from industrial injuries and occupational health hazards as per the Labour Law.

The rule gives exemptions to works, which requires uninterrupted work for technical reasons, provided that the employer is obliged to provide cold drinking water and other authorised dehydration remedies such as salt and lemon to workers.

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