Woman cheats death at 135km/h after brakes fail

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Timely intervention by Dubai Police helps save woman whose car brakes failed when driving from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

Dubai: Timely intervention by Dubai Police saved a woman’s life after her car brakes failed recently according to an Arabic daily. She was driving on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway at 135km/h.

Desperate for help, Nawal Hussein called the emergency number 999. She was advised to set the transmission on neutral and turn off the engine, but the car wouldn’t stop.

Sensing trouble, the police swung into action. Several escort cars were rushed to her rescue. A helicopter hovered overhead while an ambulance was sent ahead of the vehicle. As they approached Jebel Ali, Nawal was advised to crash her vehicle into the ambulance’s rear bumpers.

But to her surprise, the car slowed down before the impact — its collision-avoidance system had kicked in.


Celebration time

The woman celebrated her narrow escape with sweets at a hospital in Abu Dhabi, where she works.

In February 2012, police in Abu Dhabi rescued a man from his speeding 4 X 4 after he put it on cruise-control at 160km/h, but couldn’t turn it off.

In scenes described as something out of the Hollywood flick Speed, the motorist called 999 and said he was unable to shut down the cruise-control while driving on the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain highway.

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