Al Ain: EIFF annual sports meet-2017 held; Bur Dubai retain championship

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UAE: Emirates India Fraternity Forum (EIFF), Karnataka chapter organized a fun-filled Annual sports day at the Al Ain Sports Ground on January 20, 2017.

Mr. Faraz Udupi welcomed the guests and participants. Mr. Saddik Krishnapura, Executive Council Member of Emirates India Fraternity Forum (EIFF), inaugurated the event at 8.00 am, in his inaugural address said, “Good health is the best blessing of Almighty. We must be keen to keep our health always praiseworthy. Sport is one of the major tools to establish Unity”. Oath was taken to keep up the dignity of sports.

Mr. Nassir Mohammad Kawalukatte, Director of the event read out Rules and regulations of the sports event and he wished all the participants best of luck.

The registration started in the early morning and the participants were divided among 4 teams namely, Abu Dhabi United, Bur Dubai Kings, Dubai Deira Tigers and Sharjah Warriors wearing different colors of uniforms in fully crowded stadium with EIFF members and spectators.

The EIFF organized the mega sports event in a grand manner where people from all the age groups from toddlers to senior citizens participated in various games like Kabbadi, Volleyball, Football, Tug of war, 100 meters, 200 meters race, 4×100 relay and serious track and field events and many more.

Separate competitions were organized for women and children. Various events were conducted for both boys and girls under different age groups. More than 450 people took part in the fun-filled sports event.  In all, there were 35 events in various categories.

Winning teams in following games:
1. Volleyball: Winner, Bur Dubai Kings and 2nd position: Deira Dubai Tigers
2. Football: Winner, Sharjah Warriors and 2nd Position: Bur Dubai Kings
3. Kabaddi: Winner, Bur Dubai Kings and 2nd Position: Sharjah Warriors
4. Tug of War: Winner, Deira Dubai Tigers and 2nd Position: Abu Dhabi United

Winners of following sport:
Shot put: 1st place: Irshad Kapu, Sharjah, 2nd Ashraf Bailor, Deira Dubai, 3rd Irfan Melkar, Bur Dubai.
Long Jump 1st place: Nawaz, Bur Dubai, 2nd Irfan Bur Dubai and 3rd Mukthar, Deira Dubai.
100 Meters 1st place: Nawaz, Bur Dubai, 2nd Irfan Bur Dubai and 3rd Abid Puttur, Abu Dhabi.
200 Meters 1st place: Ashraf Kukkaje, Bur Dubai, 2nd Fazal, Abu Dhabi and 3rd Sarfaraz Bajpe, Deira Dubai.
4×100 meter Relay: 1st place: Bur Dubai Kings and 2nd position: Deira Dubai Tigers.

Children Category:
Fill the bucket Below 5 years Rafa Rahmath Ayesha Falak
3rd Adnan Ibrahim M. Zayan
Running Race 5 to 7 years Girls Shayar Abdul Razak Afwar Hameed
5 to 7 years Boys M. Zain M. Ayan
8 to 10 years Girls Ayesha Falak Mahwish
8 to 10 years Boys Fardeen Syed Rayhana
Lemon & Spoon Race 8 to 10 years Girls Reem A Razak Amanah Ibrahim
Book race Reem A Razak Safa Zakir Hussain
Hope Race Ramaiza A. Razak Zohara Nasir K.
Frog Race 8 to 10 years Girls Zohara Nasir K. Reem A Razak
3 Leg Race 8 to 10 years Girls Zohara Nasir K. Amanah Ibrahim
Safa Zakir Reem A Razak
Relay Race 11 to 15 years Girls Ayesha Falaq Nafeesa Ayub
Ayesha Sadiq Sahala
Mahwish Fathima
11 to 15 years Boys Fardeen Riyan
M. Anesh Ahmed
Romeen Afaf
Zain Bilal
Ladies Category:
Running Race Ayesha Ibrahim Haseena Shameer
Paper Race Ayesha Rilwan Anisha Mehboob
Lemon & Spoon Race Kubra Asif Haseena Althaf
Musical Chair Anisha Imran Rameeza Rashid
3 Leg Race Shahina Razak
Soya Ilyas Shabrina Irshad
Nazia Fayaz
Relay Race Ashiqa Ibrahim
Ramlath Firoz
Ayesha Rafiq
Hassena Shameer
Tug of war Team A: Kubra Asif
Throw Ball Team B: Nausheen Musthaq
Ladies Champions Team A: Kubra Ismail

Fun Game winners:
1. Sahir Mangalore, 2. Asif Puttur, 3: Usman K.C. Road, 4: Samir Ullala, 5: Ali Rahman, 6: Aziz Belthangady, 7: Hasan Addu, 8: Asif Hode & Dastagir
Players shown unquestionable commitment, discipline and impressive performance in all the games were worth of watching throughout the day. It is spectacular to watch the marathon rally held for all the participants lead by four group leaders. Bur Dubai Kings team emerged as champions for the fourth time in a row.

The chief guests on closing ceremony were Mr. Nasir Kankanady, Mr. Rasheed Ullala, Mr. Naseer Nandawara, Mr. Nassir Kawalukatte, & Mr. Sadiq Krishnapura.

Mr. Sadiq Krishnapura, in his closing notes Congratulated to winners as well as all the participants for their disciplined show and for their spirit in participation, and he quoted “Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.”

Mr. Nassir Kawalukatte, Director of the event, on this occasion said whether you have won a medal or not, you are all winners. In a long run your active and continued participation in sports and athletics would pay you rich dividends in terms of fitness, well-being, and happiness. Therefore, winning or losing in sports or athletic is not at all important, but the happiness generating from the participation in sports or athletics is highly cherished trophy.

He sincerely congratulated and thanked the UAE rulers and Al Ain disabled club Management for proving stadium and facilities.

Mr. Ahmed Hussain, Mr. Hameed Sathikal, Mr. Javed Surathkal, Mr. Farooq Hydarabad, Mr. Ashpaque Mysore, Mr. Zakir Honnala, Mr. Majeed Aladka and Mr. Rashid Nala have distributed the prizes to the winners of various events. The winners were awarded medals and trophies. All the children were given attractive prizes.

EIFF Executive team members put in their full efforts in making this event a grand success. The volunteers’ contribution was also one of the major highlight of the day.

Nasir, Faraz Udupi and Azar Nelyadi entertained the participants with their announcements in different languages throughout the day.

Ibad Honnala Team captured beautiful moments of the entire event. The program concluded at 8 pm with vote of thanks by Azar Nelyadi.

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