Bus supervisor accused of raping school boy

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Allegedly gave child sedatives and then raped him in his private car


The Abu Dhabi police have arrested a school bus supervisor on charges of raping a six-year-old Arab pupil many times, in the latest incident involving a sexual assault by school transport workers against students in the country.

The boy’s father had discovered the crime and reported the supervisor to the police early this month after receiving no help from the management of the private school in the capital, the Dubai-based Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum said.

The unnamed father told the pa per that he found out about the sexual assault when he noticed some bruises on his son’s body and what he described a serious change in his behavior. He said his son also started to rush back home and sleep for many hours.

“I suspect that this criminal was giving my son sedatives to commit his crime so he will not be able to know what happened or recognise who did it,” the father said, adding that the defendan t used to take his son in his private car to isolated places and rape him.

Police said the boy quickly identified the bus supervisor in a line and that the defendant would be tried on charges of raping a minor.

“I believe this man molested and raped by son more than once inside and outside the school. Police are still verifying this,” the father told the paper, which did not identify the bus supervisor.

Source : E 27/4

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