Dubai police track down ‘aggressive’ driver, impound car

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2200979052A driver, identified as SH, seemingly tested the patience of Dubai Traffic Police once too often, resulting in his vehicle being impounded.

Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafeen, Chief of Dubai Traffic Police, said that the driver frequently drove recklessly, endangering his life and the lives of others which forced the police to impound the car.

The car had been issued many traffic fines.

Maj Gen Zafeen said the driver had tried to avoid the police for some time now.

A patrol monitored the motorist for a week, before moving in on Thursday, at around 9.30pm, to impounded the car.

The instance that finally led to the impounding of the car was when the police found the driver doing stunts in the car.

When the police tried to stop him on that occasion he fled heading to Khawaneej, jumping a red light and driving aggressively.

He was headed in the direction of Sharjah and was followed by another police patrol.

When the police finally caught up with him, he refused to hand the car over to the police.

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