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Cobalt Arts, an art gallery from INDIA is organising an art show at Gallery of Light, DUCTAC, Mall of Emirates from 6th – 12 April 2016. They are showcasing artworks of senior and renowned artists along with contemporary artists from India.
They would like to invite art lovers for the inauguration of Cobalt Arts show on Wed 6th April 2016 at 6pm at Gallery of Light, DUCTAC, Mall of Emirates, Dubai and the Show will go on till 12th April 2016 .

Friday Magazine - Gulf News

Cobalt Arts, an art gallery based in Mumbai, India, is a brainchild of Neeta Pathare, an artist, curator and art critic. Cobalt Arts organizes art exhibitions all over the world and offers a platform for contemporary artists for showcasing their art work along with renowned artists and ‘Masters’ from India. Cobalt Arts has organised several successful art shows drawing attention of art lovers all around the globe. It will showcase  an enormous range of artworks, from contemporary to abstract, from figurative to landscapes. This show offers a viewer an experience of the mind space of an artist, where an artist creates an unimagined beyond this existential reality which is beyond our ordinary understanding of our being..

This exhibition will be a great visual treat and offers viewers an opportunity to see artworks of 19 renowned artists from India such as Suhas Bahulkar, Ashok Bhowmick, Vipta Kapadia, Vinod Sharma, Prakash Ghadge, Parsharam Sutaar, Sanjay Srivastav and P.K. Sadaanandan along with works of emerging artists such as Parag Borse, Dilip Dudhane, Neeta Pathare, Shuvendu Sarkar, Prince Chand, DattaThombare, Ganesh Hire, Girish Urkude, Varsha Vyas, Suresh Parihar, Alka Pandey.

These selected works of art are reflective of the inclinations and inspirations of these artists. The works of the artists like Suhas Bahulkar, P.K. Sadaanandan, Parag Borse and Dilip Dudhane echo the Indian lifestyle. . While Suhas Bahulkar’s paintings are a contemporary expression to Maharashtrian tradition , P.K. Sadaanandan’s artworks draw their inspiration from  the paintings at Ajanta & Ellora. Parag Borse’s portraits of villagers celebrate Indian village life. Whereas beauty & innocence of an Indian young girl can be experienced through Dilip Dudhane’s paintings. Ashok Bhowmick’s ‘Bulls and Bird’  series symbolize proximity of force and feeble – power and life. Works of Vipta Kapadia, Girish Urkude and Alka Pandey play with the abstract forms and offer the viewers a glimpse into a space of imagination and creation. While contemporary paintings by Neeta Pathare, Dattatray Thombre gives deeper insight into  the lives of women, Vinod Sharma’s mountainscapes of Ladakh or Prakash Ghadge’s pen and ink artworks are quite captivating. While ‘Monk and Buddha’ by Prince Chand draw a viewer closer to the  divine, conceptual themes dealing with varied social issues explored by Shuvendu Sarkar through his paintings, keep the viewers in touch with the reality. Suresh Parihar’s mixed media works help the viewer through time and space where as Varsha Vyas’s floral paintings brings forth the beauty of  the natural world.

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