Dubai Municipality warns residents of risks in buying off illegal street vendors

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Dh2,000 fine for illegal street vendors: clean-up drive underway to protect customers

Dubai Municipality (DM) has launched a campaign in the emirate’s residential areas to protect customers and maintain aesthetic beauty of the city by rodding the streets of illegal vendors.

DM says it will penalise illegal vendors with a hefty fine, while warning customers of the risks entailed in buying substandard products from such vendors.

Eng. Khalid Suletin, head of environment emergency office at Dubai Municipality, confirmed that people buying off street vendors will not be penalised.

“They (residents) are slapping fine on their lives themselves by buying risky products,” he quipped.

The clean-up drive has been undertaken in residential areas to focus on street vendors. Violators will be slammed with a Dh2,000 fine.

“People selling vegetables and other food items are not allowed on the street or in residential areas. They have to pay a fine and their commodities, including the vehicles in which they sell, will be confiscated,” he stressed.

He added that the municipality had boosted its machinery to contain such illegal activities, claiming the numbers are reportedly higher during Ramadan.

The initiative is done to ensure customers are protected from any possible risk.

“Moreover, we are committed to maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the city. We don’t want tourists in the city to get troubled by street sellers’ nuisance.”

He also warned that those who prepare food in public places or outside labour camps will face legal action. They will also incur a fine of up to Dh1,000.

Suletin urged the public to notify the municipality if they come across any such illegal activities

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