Shri Vishwakarma Sewa Samithi’s Blood Donation Campaign On 25th July At Latifa Hospital

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Report: Shodhan Prasad

Sri Vishwakarma Seva Samithi-UAE, proudly announces its Blood Donation Camp scheduled to be held on Thursday 25th July 2013, at Latifa Hospital – Dubai from 7:30PM onwards.

SVKSS is one of the premier community organizations in UAE, known for its committed social services and at this moment it is actively participating in the nations’ “Donate Blood and Save Life” campaign.   SVKSS is always ahead in extending support for such noble and humanity cause at its best strength. At this instance, donors from the community as well as their friends are invited to take part generously and enthusiastically in large number in this life saving drive. This is the great opportunity for all community people to show our patriot to this great land and society on ethical & humanity grounds. It is the great community work during this holy Ramadan.

Blood donation is an ongoing process throughout the calendar year in Dubai Blood Donation Centre (DBDC) in Dubai to meet growing demand for blood for patients from DHA-Hospitals and more than 27 private hospitals in Dubai alone. In this context, DBDC is being continuously and intensively working towards and requested to all community organizations to come forward voluntarily to participate in this campaign. Giving Blood is the easiest way to directly save a life and the most valuable donations anyone could ever make.

Some Facts:

  1. A new born baby has about one cup of blood in his body,
  2. There is no substitute for human blood,
  3. 13 tests are performed on each unit of donated blood,
  4. One pint of blood( one donation blood) can save up to 3-lives,
  5. There are four main blood types- A, B, AB & O, and currently there are 30 blood groups,
  6. Red Blood cells live about 120 days in our bodies,
  7. There are about one billion red cells in two to three drops of blood,
  8. A healthy person can donate blood  3 to 4 times a year,
  9. Every two to three second someone needs blood worldwide,
  10. Shortage of all types of blood occurs during the summer and winter breaks,

For more details please contact:

Prashanth Acharya: +971551266678

Prathibha Shodhan: +971503600257

Upendra Kundove: +971508024971

Surendra Acharya: +971501676432

Sudharshan Pandeshwar: +971552040374

Sudharshan Surathkal: +971504375883

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