Beary’s Cultural Forum Celebrate Iftar With Religious Harmony In Dubai

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BCF Iftaar dubai-2013-008

Report: Shodhan Prasad

Photos: Kiran Nirkan

 Beary’s Cultural Forum like every year concluded IFTAR at Iranian Club, Karama on 19th July, 2013 from 5 PM onwards putting together members of their community along with members of other community and religion as well in one platform creating a religious harmony in Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan.

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By around 5 PM all the invitees arrived and the programme started with Kirat, Quiz competition, talk on Islam and Iftar breaking the fast and later with formal stage programme.

 BCF Iftaar dubai-2013-011

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President of Beary’s Cultural Forum, Dr. B.K. Yousuf, General Secretary Dr. Kaup Mohammed, Vice President M.E. Moolur, Chairman of Iftar Committee, Abdul Latif Mulky, are the chairpersons in carrying on the good deeds of BCF be it lending scholarships to the downtrodden of various Community students of Karnataka or many other activities of the Forum actively for so many years.

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BCF’s educational charity programme is declared as unique since the scholarship distribution is not only limited to Beary’s community but distributed to all community irrespective of caste, creed or religion.  Whichever student identified as downtrodden, poorest of the poor and well deserving is being provided with scholarship thus uplifting him or her, granting him a chance to get educated and creating complete literacy in their hometown which shows the sincere strategy of the organization who needs to be supported for their good deeds.

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A call from BCF for the contribution towards ‘Education Scholarship’ was voluntarily seconded even by non-Muslim brethrens spontaneously during the Iftar programme who came enthusiastically to share along with Muslim brethrens in collecting more than Rs. 20 Lakhs in one go.  BCF has scheduled to hold the distribution of Education Scholarship in next month at Yenepoya Complex Mangalore.

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Maulana Aboobacker Faiji during his religious speech on the occasion said that it is wise to think about how we can serve the poor hungry humans than to think how to become rich and famous.  He added that in this context we need to think out of our caste, creed or religion and concentrate on our poor neighbours who really need to be supported in their livelihood. He concluded that we need to have a safe and sound communal harmony amongst us for a happy living within our various communities.

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On the stage were present, President of BCF, Dr. B.K. Yousuf, Vice President, M.E. Moolur, General Secretary, Dr. Kaup Mohammed, Chairman of Iftar Committee, Abdul Latif Muly, Businessman Nizamuddin, MD of Chilly Willy Trading, Satish Venkataramana, President of Karnataka Sangha Sharjah, Satish Poojary, Convenor of Nama Tuluveru, Shodhan Prasad, Ex-President of Karnataka Sangha Sharjah, B.K. Ganesh Rai, Patron of Karnataka Sangha Sharjah, Mark Denis, President of Kannada Koota Dubai, Sadan Das,  Noel D’Almeida, Abdul Razak Deva, Salim Altaf, Amiruddin, Maulana Abobacker Faiji, Irshad Abusali and others.

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