Red tape cut so flyers can pay off fines at Dubai Airport

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Travellers who have been blacklisted for not paying fines issued by Dubai Civil Court can now pay off their debts at Dubai International Airport before leaving the country.

The new system, established by Dubai Courts and the Immigration and Residency Department cooperating with Emirates Dubai National Bank, aims to help cut red tape. The Head of the Cases Execution Department in Dubai Courts,
Ibrahim Al Hosany, said that previously anyone with outstanding fines who tried to leave the UAE would be banned from travelling.

He said: “Now the person can pay the money within 10 minutes and then travel immediately. Sometimes this process had taken up to three days and would mean the passenger would have to cancel and rebook his flight.”

He continued: “The new initiative will be at Dubai International Airport to start with and will soon be rolled out to all UAE airports and borders.”

The Head of Dubai Courts, Dr Ahmad bin Hazeem, added: “Imagine that you go to the airport and you don’t know that you are on the blacklist for a civil case and then you need to cancel the booking. You lose time and money.”

People can pay the fines in cash, cheque or with a credit card.

Bin Hazeem said there are more than 35,000 cases in Dubai Courts a year and many civil cases result in fines or compensation. He said the programme would be developed to cover criminal cases as well in future.

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