Shirooru Association Grand First anniversary celebration

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Shirooru assoasiation-dubai-2013-008 

Dubai June21: Shirooru association established a year back with many ambitions, celebrated their first anniversary at Karama Bangalore empire restaurant on June 21st Friday.

Mr. Praveen Shetty of Fortune Group of Hotels, Mr. Satheesh Venkataramana of Chully willy, Prominent persons of Shirooru Mr. Manegar Meeram Saheb and Dr.Hasan were the guests of the occation and Shirooru association president Mr. Sayyed Ibrahim were present at the stage.

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Mr. Krishna Billava welcomed the guests and gatherings, Mr. Fayaz K.B. gave financial report of the association and Mr. Sadhan Das explained the achievement of the association so far.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Praveen Shetty expressed his happiness for Shirooru associations work and urged them to extend it to Kundapura too. Dr. Hasan who involved in lots of social welfare works and treats poor patients for free at Shirooru urged Shirooru N.R.Is to join in large number to develop their home town.

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Shirooru association felicitated Mr. Manegar Meeram Saheb and Mr. Abdul Kadar for their outstanding contribution to the Shirooru society. While Giving the president’s speech Mr. Sayyed Ibrahim told  “ It’s not important how many years you have completed as association its important how much you have achieved” and happy about achievement of Shirooru association so far and also presented associations next year’s portfolio  mainly are 1. Pressing Government to sanction a first grade college to the Village.2. Construction of new bridge 3. Facilities for clean and neat Shirooru . 4 Working towards achieving “ Suvarnagrama Grama” benefits .

Mr. Sharath ram Shetty gave vote of thanks and Mrs Bhagya Das Compared the Programme. More than 200 people who were present at the function enjoyed sumptuous dinner after the programme.

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