How much would you pay for unique UAE mobile number? Man paid con Dh40,000

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Abu Dhabi police expose ‘special’ phone number scam; Arrest one
Given the fascination and demand for unique car number plates it is little wonder that a strong demand for special mobile phone numbers gave rise to this scam.

The Abu Dhabi Police have arrested an Arab man, ARK, 27, who offered unique mobile phone numbers, assuring victims he could register the numbers under their names.

Colonel Ojeil Al Juneibi, Police Chief of the Western Region in Abu Dhabi, said one person paid as much as Dh40,000 for a phone number.

The accused then took a payment either by cash, or by balance transfer from his victims, who discovered too late that the numbers promised were already in use and belonged to someone else.

The suspect used to choose his victims randomly by sending SMS to mobiles’ users stating that he had special numbers and willing to sell them at special prices.

Colonel Juneibi also said the man used the internet as a means to advertise the scam.

“Many people fell for it, but did not come forward for fear of looking foolish for having fallen for such a ruse,” he added.

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