Banned breeds used for dog fights on remote farms in UAE

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Cross-breeding to create more dangerous dogs also happening

Jamal Jumaa Habash, Chairman of the Board of the Emirates Dog Breeders Society, has warned that some residents, including Emiratis possess and breed dog breeds not legally allowed in the UAE.

“Some even use them in dog fights held in private farms away from the eyes of the municipality inspectors,” Habash said.

Habash clarified that according to the ministerial decision of the Minister of Environment and Water, No. 348 of 2008, the seven dog breeds banned in the UAE are:

– All kinds of pitbull terrier

– American pitbull terrier


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– Brazilian fighting dog

– Argentinian fighting dog

– American Staffordshire dog



– Japanese Tosa



-Wolf dog



He added that most that possess such breeds use them in prohibited dog fights.

“These breeds are very aggressive and threaten human safety,” he said, He also pointed out that some residents are cross-breeding dogs on farms to create new aggressive strains for buyers.

He pointed out that the price for these banned breeds can be as much as Dh 20,000.

He added some owners do not mind taking the dogs to public places, without taking into account the safety of people.

“Due to the absence of a law criminalising possession of such dogs is it difficult to put clear penalties on owners,” he said.

He pointed out that these banned breeds are particularly found in the Northern Emirates.

A study conducted by the Emirates Dog Breeders Society, claims that the number of prohibited breeds in the UAE does not exceed 5 per cent of the total canine population.

Problem dogs can be euthanised

An official source at the Department of Public Health at Dubai Municipality said the municipality takes action against breeders and owners of banned dogs, immediately, upon receipt of any complaint.

The municipality action includes subjecting the dog to a period of 21 days of behavior monitoring and a medical examination.

The source added that dogs can be euthanized in extreme cases. Fines for owners can be as much as Dh5,000.

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