Man flying via Dubai forgets money on board

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Dubai police recovered bag and tracked Singaporean man after departure

A Singaporean passenger on a transit flight through Dubai forgot a bag full of money on board, but crew members handed it to the police, who managed to track the passenger after his departure and bring him back to the emirate.

Dubai police said they had tried many times to contact the passenger on his mobile phone but it had been always turned off.

They then sent him an email and a few hours later, the unidentified passenger replied and said he was delighted to have his money back.

“The passenger said he could not believe he would have his money back and that he was so happy. He provided police with descriptions of the bag and was told to take a flight and return to the emirate to regain his money,” Emarat Al Youm Arabic language daily said, quoting a Dubai police source.

It said the passenger was on a flight from Singapore via Dubai and that he later returned to the Dubai airport and recovered his bag, which also contained jewellery.

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