Sharjah Police’s new traffic rules for minor accidents

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Sharjah - Trafic rulesThose involved in minor road accidents are urged not to leave their vehicles parked in the exact positions in the middle of the road. Colonel Shawaf Ibrahim, Director, Traffic and Patrolling Department, Sharjah Police, called on motorists to pull by the side so as not to obstruct traffic flow.

He said that most drivers prefer to wait it out in the middle of the road fearing that police officials arriving at the scene would not be able to ascertain how the accident happened and, therefore, would not be able to give an accurate report. Col. Ibrahim assured motorists that police officials are all well trained and qualified to reconstruct the accident and accurately deduce what and who caused an accident.
In the first four months of this year, 33,984 minor accidents were recorded. Damages in these mishaps ranged from defects to the front and rear bumpers to burning of cars. He also urged motorists to take care of their cars, especially now that summer has set in. Drivers must check their car tyres regularly for their safety and pay attention to driving and not be distracted making phone calls or sending messages, he stressed. Col. Ibrahim called on all motorists to abide by traffic rules.( E247)

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