Dubai wife seeks divorce over hubby’s failure to have sex 3 times a day

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Dubai: A woman in Dubai has filed for divorce from her husband because he could not have sex with her 2-3 times per day, and she felt sexually unsatisfied.

A source informed that the case that is lodged in Dubai Sharia Court incurred because the wife blamed her husband for not satisfying her sexually, and they have come up with this decision as they failed to reach an amicable settlement, Gulf News reported.

The wife explained her marital expectations in a presiding that she desires to have sexual intercourse with her husband twice or thrice a day but he sleeps with her only three to four times a week.

The source added that the court told the woman that her claims were not valid enough to leave her husband, for which the wife replied that her husband fails to satisfy her needs, so either ask him to please her sexually or grant her a divorce.

The court has now come to a conclusion that they refer the husband for a medical check up to confirm to the claimant that her husband is healthy and fit and capable of pleasing her.

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