Teen caught doing 270 kmph on Dubai roads

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DubaiDubai’s police patrols seized a 17-year-old boy involved in stunt driving and threatening the lives of other motorists after removing the front plate of the car and hiding the rear one by his head gear, newspapers reported on Thursday.

The boy who was driving a four-wheel Nissan Patrol was spotted by several police patrols on Lahbab road near Jebel Ali and on Dubai-Al Ain motorway as he shot through other cars and kept abruptly changing lanes without any warning.

Police noticed his car had no front plates while the driver had apparently covered the rear plate by his Ghutra (head cover) to avert being hunted by speed cameras. Police cars tried to stop him but he refused to stop and shot away at 270 kph, prompting the police to halt their chase to avert a disaster.

He was then seen driving into Margham area, where he parked his car and disappeared. Police later went into his house after they knew where he lives. “They asked the father about the car and he said his son was driving it…when they got the son, he confessed that he was doing 270 kph,” Dubai traffic police chief Major General Mohammed Al Zafin said.

“He was driving very recklessly and dangerously…he was seen deliberately getting too close to other cars from behind, prompting them to steer away in fear for their lives…the way he was driving showed he did not care for his life or for the lives of the others.”

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