Rich woman tourist with heart to steal roams Dubai jewellery stores

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Police confiscate Dh200,000 worth jewellery from her hotel suite; Husband shocked at the revelation

A rich woman from a well-respected GCC family who came sight-seeing to Dubai has landed herself in trouble, simply because she cannot restrict her urge to steal jewellery.

A self-confessed kleptomanic, she now faces robbery charges after police confiscated jewellery worth Dh200,000 from the hotel suite.

The incident came to light when Dubai Police received at least 5 complaints from jewellery stores in the emirate stating theft of precious jewellery, said Lieutenant Colonel Saeed Al Eiyally, Director, CID, Dubai Police.

CCTV shots from the respective sites showed the same woman stealing.

Her picture was immediately circulated among all jewellery stores in order to trap her.

As expected, police received a call from one of the retailer in town reporting the presence of the woman at their store.

The salesmen kept her busy until cops arrived. And interestingly, even there she had managed to steal an item.

Police nabbed her at the door.

She was taken to her hotel and that’s when her husband learnt of his wife’s behaviour. He was shocked to see the stolen items his wife had hidden in the room.

She confessed to five thefts and broke down. She now faces robbery charges.

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