Is your passport or visa expiring? Now you’ll get an SMS alert for renewal from tomorrow

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In a joint effort, The General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) and the Directorate of Naturalization (DNRAD) in Abu Dhabi will launch tomorrow the “Remember” initiative aimed at both nationals and residents as a reminder to verify expiration dates of passports and residencies to ensure a timely legal renewal, as well as preserve them as important official documents against damage or loss.

A GDRFA official stated that this initiative, launched and applied in Abu Dhabi, stems from the keenness of the Ministry of Interior on communicating with society utilizing the modern methods, and providing better service for the public.

This initiative will be introduced through various visual, audio and social media, including the websites of the ministry of interior and Abu Dhabi General directorate.

The campaign will include SMSs informing nationals and residents about the importance of preserving their documents and ensuring their timely renewal.

All nationals and residents should always verify the expiration dates on their documents, mainly passports to ensure a smooth travel process. Travel requirements state that the expiration date should be no less than 6 months according to the internationally-followed procedures.

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