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    Thanks for the vivid pictures of the excellent function organised by you. Your outstanding achievement, philanthropy and social commitment will be remembered by all the members of the community and I am sure your example is worthy of emulation. Wish you all success.

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    Melodious & Hilarious event. Show was really good. Show was behind schedule never the less worth waiting.The musical Jugalbandi ‘Aaradhisuve Madanari’between singers, Ravi Muroor and Harish Sherigar was mind blowing.

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    Sunil Das

    Congratulation Harish on successful event on 15th year ACME anniversary and Devadiga Sangha Dubai anniversary. viewing the photos proves itself how glittering & glamorous the show was. Wish you and all the team best of success in future endeavours.

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    Dinesh Kumar

    Thanks to all sponsors, well wishers and the members who made this event successful.

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