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810-kg Saudi awaits crane to be moved to hospital

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Crane and special bed were ordered from US five months ago

A Saudi young man weighing around 810 kg has been waiting at home for nearly five months to be moved to hospital but health officials said a special bed and a crane ordered from the United States have not arrived yet.

Khaled Mohsen Shaeri is suffering from severe obesity due to health problems that have resulted in a rapid increase in his weight over the past two years.

Early this year, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia ordered urgent measures to treat Shaeri at King Fahd Hospital in Riyadh but officials said they have been unable to move him out of his house in the southern province of Jazan.

Civil defence units called in early this year pondered demolishing part of the house but the idea did not work in the absence of proper medical equipment to carry him.

“Health officials said they have ordered a special bed and a crane to move him to the hospital…but only the crane has arrived while we are still waiting for the bed,” Nassir Makeen, a relative of Shaeri, told Sabq newspaper.

“His condition is steadily worsening…a health team which has visited him recently described his condition as exceptional and that they had not seen like it before….we appeal for the authorities to take urgent measures to sort this bed and move him to hospital so he will get treatment before it is too late.”

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