Shree Ganesh Festival Committee celebrates 34th Ganesh Chaturthi In Muscat

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Muscat Shiva temple hall reverberated with divine “mantras” and was the venue for the 3 days Shree Ganesh Chaturthi fervor from 13th of September 2018 till 15th of September 2018.

The Ganesh Festival committee organized the entire festival upholding the traditions And the spirit of fervor amidst the festivities.
The hall was decorated with banana stems, mango leaves, colorful flowers, dates and tender coconut bunches giving the venue a total traditional feel. The mantap was decorated with mallige, shevantige, roses and marigold – the fragrance of which filled the hall calming down the anxiety of the devotees and make them concentrate on the Divine. The glittering golden crown on Lord Ganesha and the silver umbrella were the part of the sparkling supplements.

A mind blowing Rangoli of Lord Ganesha on the floor in front of the idol, complete with dashing colors and glitterati , created by Mrs. Bijal Ved and Mrs Parul Negandhi , was one the main attractions.

The rituals started with Lord Ganesha Prana Pratisthapana under the able guidance of main archaka Vedamurthy Shree Shanakara Narayana Adiga , ably supported by Shree Guru Pejattaya and team of other archakas. Ganahoma and Pachamrita Abhisheka followed the pratisthapana ritual.

Om Shree Ganesha Vrinda group chanted Shree Ganesha Sahasra naama at the start of the events. A large number of devotees have partaken in “Shatakai seva” and “Laddu Seva”. Ranga Pooja, Pushparchana and modaka seva were also part of the rituals spread over three days.

Om Shree Ganesha Vrinda group comprising of K.Prakash Naik, Karunakar Rao Kadri, Dr. C.K.Anchan, Prema Umesh Karkera, Raju Sanil, Nisha Rao, Chaitra Kotian and Anvil Kabadi rendered beautiful bhajans to mark the beginning of non stop devotional songs, chantings from the Holy scripts ,dances and instrumental music.

The hall reverberated with Vedic chants by Shree Vaidyanathan Group and A.V. Manohar. Musical offerings by various groups namely R.Meenakshi & group, Sai Devotees, Hare Krishna Group, Mata Amrutanandamayi Bhajan Group, Divine Spark, Chinmaya Balavihar, , Thyagaraja Samiti, Maitri Vrunda, Oneness Group, Art of Living, GSB Group, Shri Kantibhai Group, Aaradhana Group, Jayashree and Disciples, Veena Srinivas, Priya Pai and Disciples, Swarnalatha Hebbar, Mangala Sundararajan and Disciples, Nalini Kannan and Disciples, Vishwa Brahmana Group, Omkar Ladies Group, Shree Ganesha Bala Vrunda, Kum Shreya & Group and Kerala GSB Group resonated in the air.

Dhanya Rateesh and Group( veen a recital), Disciples of Jayanti Ravi (veena recital) have presented bouquet of divine instrumental music.

Nalini Kannan and Disciples, Disciples of Sangeetha Sreejit , Smt. Theertha Karthik, Disciples of Padmini Krishnamurthy and Disciples of Premila Ramesh presented spell binding devotional dances.

Thousands of devotees thronged the temple hall on all the three days and sought the blessings of Shree Ganesha. Amidst the repeated chorus chanting of ‘Ganapathi Bappa Moreya’ the immersion ritual was performed.

Prasada was served on afternoons and the night of all the three days after Maha Mangalarathi. The last day’s Mahaprasad was an unique Mangalorean festival food served on banana leaves.

Umesh Bantwal and Prema Karkera were the ceremonial couple for the 34th Lord Ganesha Festival celebration rituals.

His Excellency Munu Mahawar, Ambassador of India along with his family partook in the Pooja. Also other officials from the Embassy attended the divine occasion. Smt and Shri Kanaksi Khimji, Shri Anil Khimji, Shri Bakul Bhai Mehta, shri Kiran Ashar, Shri Ashwin Dharamsey and family, Smt & Shri Bharat Asher, Shri and Smt RAJU Ved from the merchant community also partook in the Pooja and sought blessings from the Lord.

Shree Ganesh Festival Committee comprises of S.K.Poojary (Convener), Koni Prakash Naik, Ramanand Kundar, Karunakar Rao Kadri, Umesh Karkera, Shashidhar Shetty, Nagesh Shetty, Ravi Kanchan, Mangaldas Kamath, Gurudas Pejathaya, Dr. C.K.Anchan and Kashinath Anchan.

Dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers were the mainstay of the three day festival celebrations. Committee members with assistance from the volunteers and the general public contributed to the proceedings with immense devotion and satisfaction was evident at the end of the traditional festivities.

Report by : Karunakar Rao Kadri.
Photos by : Nagesh.

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