“BANDHAVYA-2016” programme held at Muscat, Oman

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A brother hood, fraternity family get together programme BANDHAVYA -2016 was conducted by Karnataka bothers on Friday 25TH March 2016 at Barka farm house under the guidance of Social Forum Muscat-Oman.

Most of the Karnataka brothers gathered to make this programme successful which included games, sports, quizzes etc. In order to bring up the sweet memories of the old childhood thoughts, ‘Goodangadi’, ‘Charmuri stall’, ‘Thatti hotel’, Omlet shop were put up. The amazing tastes of these foods were loved by the people. The social forum Muscat decided to get the entire requirement to put up these stalls from the hometown itself in order to maintain the reality and flavours of the food. Apart from these a buffet dinner was arranged which was cooked and served by the members of the forum inside the farm house compound. A rural village atmosphere was seen throughout the programme.

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The programme included games for children, funny games for men and women were conducted. Further, stage programme included stage skit, duff etc. were added a special attractions to the audience.

At the outset, in this auspicious occasion the chief guest Mr.Aslam Hassan the State committee member of Social Democratic Party of India Karnataka State spoke few words about the Social Forum and he praised the brotherhood and the hard work of the members and also he felicitated the members of the forum saying that the success behind this programme is because of the unity and team work of the members. Later the President of Social Forum-Muscat Mr. Anwar Moodbidre given a brief introduction and speech regarding the help and legal guidance rendered to the needy people.

Social Forum Oman National Presidnent Mr. Hameed Panemangalore, President of Indian Pravasi forum Mr.Yusuf Hyder Mukka, State Vice President of Social Forum Janab Mohidin Saheb Sastan were present. Prizes were distributed to the winners.

Mr. Ansar Katipalla led the programme and Mr.Noor Muhammed Padubidre welcomed the guests.
Report: Abdul Mubarak Karaje

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