Kuwait suspended execution of two Indians

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hanged to death

Kuwait suspended the execution of two Indian Nationals Suresh Shanmugasundram and Kalidas. They are supposed to be executed on Tuesday 18th of June along with other three men for crimes committed, nearly four years back in Kuwait.

It is learnt that upon receiving this information on 14th June 2013 that sentence of two Indians will be executed on 18 June 2013 the ambassador and embassy officials acted promptly and took up the matter with very senior authority in Kuwait. As a result of the effort and the sympathetic attitude taken by the friendly state of Kuwait, the sentence has been suspended and the matter is being reviewed for lesser penalty.

Earlier today (17th June) morning Indian Embassy Counsellor B.K.Upadhiyay and other officials visited Suresh Shanmugasundram and Kalidas at the Kuwait Central jail. Mr. K. Mathi of Indian Frontliners, who coordinated with the Indian embassy on this matter, also joined with the embassy officials. The relatives of the affected were also taken to meet Suresh and Kalidas in the jail.

 Among the other two men to be hanged to death on 18th June is Hajjaj Al Saadi, an Egyptian national, for allegedly raping 18 children.

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