Was Kareena Kapoor hinting at Rani Mukherji?

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rani and kareena

Mumbai: Kareena Kapoor is known for not mincing words. And it doesn’t seem like a habit she wants to shake off anytime soon.

This time she was under the scanner for what seemed like irking her rival actresses. Comparisons between Kareena’s upcoming film Singham Returns and Rani Mukerji’s next Mardaani have been on for a while now. At a recent press event Bebo made a statement about how actresses cannot pull off the de-glam, no makeup look on screen.

“With due respect, I don’t think there is any actress who can pull off a de-glam look better than Karisma,” said Bebo. A decade ago, Karisma’s strong, de-glam portrayals in films like Fiza and Zubeida raised the bar for actresses in Bollywood. Kareena confessed that even she has been unable to come anywhere close to her sister’s realistic performances.

But her honest remark doesn’t appear to have gone down well with Rani who is sporting a completely de-glam look in Mardaani. Word is that Rani has taken the comment personally especially because it has come too close to the release of her film. But she doesn’t want to shoot a blunt reply.

In fact she has asked the director of her film Pradeep Sarkar and the rest of the team not to react to the statement. Those close to Kareena are quick to defend her.

“I don’t see why Rani or any other actress should take the comment personally. It was a very casual statement and to a very large extent it is true. How many actresses actually dare to shoot without make-up?” said a close friend of Bebo.

With Rani not reacting, those waiting to see a catfight in the industry may have to wait longer.

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