Jaggesh compliments Radhika, Aindirta, Nikitha and Harshika

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Bengaluru: In a case of foresight, Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh has named Radhika Pandit, Aindirta, Nikitha and Harshika Poonacha as the Kannada actresses who can make a mark in the industry in the future

The veteran of three decades has said that these actresses have the talent to replace anybody and since they are wonderful heroine material with good behaviour they have a good future in Sandalwood. Coming from an experienced person like him, the four actresses would no doubt be thrilled with the compliment.

Jaggesh’s comments and compliments to the new generation of heroines in Sandalwood comes a day after he announced that a new actor without attitude will be part of Neerdose.

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  1. There is no doubt in it, and most particularly i will rank as followa 1. Nikita Thukral, 2. Harshika Poonchia, 3. Radhika and 4. Aindirta
    particularly Gr8 mam Nikita is so fabulous, soon she will conquer bollywood with her attitude, charm, spontaneity, beauty and behaviour , Iam dead sure

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