Sania Mirza’s ‘purple’ lipstick

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Hyderabad: As the Sunrisers struggled on field on Sunday, the attention of the social media shifted to tennis star Sania Mirza and her hot pink lipstick. After months of NaMo, RaGa and the elections, the attention of the Twitterati was finally diverted to the mistaken “purple” shade of Sania’s lipstick.

From jokes to accusing her of having sided with KKR for sporting their jersey colour, tennis star took the Twitter by storm. While there were a few who seemed to be amused by the fact that Sania was trending on Twitter only for the colour of her lipstick, most ridiculed her for her choice of colour.

One Shashank Sharma found a similarity between the losing team and Sania, as he tweeted “SRH’s luck is just like Sania Mirza’s lipstick color. Dull and Dusted!” And he wasn’t the only one as another user said, “Sania Mirza WHY would u wear that lipstick color? As if the SRH jersey was not enough. Sincerely, someone whose eyes hurt.”

A few even mistook the shade to be purple and turned the topic around to her supporting the opposing team. One user with the tag SRK’s soldier wrote, “Lol Sania Mirza is such a confused soul! Came to support @SunRisers, but is wearing purple lipstick. #GoForItKKR”

By the end of the day, Sania finally noticed the trend and retorted on Twitter, “Trending for what lipstick I wear!! seriously guys, positive or negative, don’t u think that’s a bit much?! some ppl really need to get a life (sic).”

But that didn’t put a stop to the Tweets and after a few more, she finally gave up saying, “Say wt u want, I luurvveedd the pink;) sm ppl on here make life so entertaining, me nd my lipstick, both are vry amused (sic).”

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