A film just for laughs

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Hyderabad: Amrutham Chandamama Lo, is a film aimed at entertaining the audience and it has been made by Gunnam Gangaraju, whose television serial Amrutham was a big hit. The serial ran for five years and it’s characters were household names. While the film has borrowed the characters, the story is entirely different.

The story goes like this. Amrutha Rao (Srinivas) and Anjaneyulu (Harish) are good friends and earn good money (Rs 2,000 crores) in a hotel business. They get an offer from a rocket agency to go to the moon and invest money there. So they decide to sell all their property and invest it all in moon.

A young couple (the girl’s family belongs to a faction group and the boy’s father is a terrorist), elope and team up with Srinivas and Harish. However, the rocket company closes down due to a financial crisis.

In this backdrop, how the two friends succeed in going to the moon, whether they invest their money there and what they do on the moon forms the crux of the story.

Gunnam Gangaraju is a good filmmaker and he has proved it with some of his earlier films. Having used all kind of stories successfully in the serial, he has taken up a moon related story for the film.

The same artistes who acted in the serial can be seen in the film along with a few more actors. The producer’s money is well spent as the moon and space visuals are excellent. The main purpose of the film is to provide some entertainment and Gunnam Gangaraju succeeds in it.

Another good thing about the director is that the film does not have a single vulgar dialogue or scene. There are no superstars or top actors in this film. Gangaraju banks mainly on the story. The main character of Amrutham is played by Srinivas Avasarala who does a neat job and gives some laughs.

The other friend Anjaneyulu’s character is played well by Harish. Sivannarayana was popular in the serial and in the film too he has played the same character. Vasu Inturi (server Vasu) once again succeeds in evoking laughs. Ahuti Prasad too puts in a decent performance as a factionist. Dhanya and Suchitra do not have much to do, but they have done their jobs well.

The director has targeted the family audience and come up with a clean comedy entertainer. In the second half, the story drags a little bit, but overall one can enjoy the film, especially the good laughs. Kids will thoroughly enjoy the film. It may work out with multiplex audiences but it may not work out in ‘B’ and ‘C’ centres.

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