Balakrishna celebrates 50 days of ‘Legend’ with thumping poll victory

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Hyderabad: Keeping elections in mind, writers of the movie Legend wrote a dialogue for actor and now Hindupur MLA Balakrishna, “When I step in, history repeats.”
Friday’s results have Balakrishna fans flying in the skies as it has figuratively come true, if not literally. Balakrishna was also trending on Twitter on Friday after he secured a 16 thousand votes majority victory. Coincidentally, Friday was also the 50th day of his movie Legend which gave fans all the more reason to celebrate.

Legend seemed like a pre-cursor to what Balakrishna as a politician can or will do doling out punch lines against corrupt politicians. There were even dialogues that he would not allow corrupt politicians to step into the Assembly premises. And now that Balakrishna is a politician, there is no end to the joy of is fans. Nagarjuna Naidu tweeted, “Once he steps in history repeats

#Natasimham #Nandamuri #Balakrishna won in #Hindupuram, Happiest result.” Another supporter Pavankumar Dhruv tweeted, “By today #Legend completes 50 days and our hero #Balakrishna won as MLA in Hindupur.”

After his win, some people are even attributing dialogues of other stars to Balakrishna. Like Harisankara Babu tweeted, “Congrats #Balakrishna, war is one side in Ananthapur dist. thanks” TD literally swept all the Assembly segments and the Lok Sabha seat as well but it did so in many other districts in Seemandhra. It is another thing that the TD didn’t fare too well in constituencies where Balakrishna campaigned last time around.

Balakrishna is adept at delivering power packed dialogues like these in his films but it remains to be seen what punch he can pack in his Assembly speeches. In television interviews though, he often stutters and stammers his way through.

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