Kkaatyayani Sharma finds Poonam Pandey’s stripping act over social platform disgraceful

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Mumbai: The wannabe Bollywood star Kkaatyayani Sharma has successfully stepped into the glamorous world of entertainment by bagging a lead role in a Southern film. Ecstatic actress finds it a great opportunity as she feels that Southern cinema has now gained popularity all across the country and it is not region constraint.

The film ‘Sexy Circus’ boasts the story of three girls and will be directed by Abhishek and making under Renaud Incorp production house. However, she said that the film’s title is not finalized yet and may be changed later.

When asked about how bold the film will be, she said, “Film contains few bold scenes, but it won’t be vulgar as they are not deliberately added rather go with the script.”


There are certain ways of gaining popularity and especially with the rise of social media. Bollywood actress Poonam Pandey is one of the examples, who has millions of fans today and the credit goes to her out of the box portrayal of nudity on Twitter which lures the attention of fans.

When asked to comment on how she takes Poonam’s way of grabbing the limelight, Kkaatyayani said, “I find it a meager publicity gimmick which for me is disgraceful.”
She added, “The only way I prefer to dwell in the hearts of people is by entertaining them through every opportunity I get.”

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