Actress Meghna Patel says, “Vote for Modi, Vote for change”

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The 2014 Lok Sabha Elections are around the corner, the country heading to polls this April and May. The Elections this year seem to carry a lot of celebrity quotient. There seems to have been a rise in awareness about the power of their vote amongst Bollywood people. Bollywood celebrities encourage people to exercise their franchise in the forthcoming Lok Sabha Election. Recently Aamir khan is set to be appointed by Election commission of India as Voting Mascot for Lok Sabha Elections. Actress Meghna Patel who has already created a stir in Muslim to vote for Modi now she has made a video to show the true color of Political Leaders at the time of Election and whom to vote. She will be taking the task of encouraging people to come forward and cast their vote for right candidate in upcoming Loksabha Elections which is Narendra Modi. She said, “The nation needs and expects action and not mere slogans. So, vote for change, vote for Modi,”

Actress Meghna Patel has been a prominent voice this election season, encouraging people to vote and to make informed choices. Before she had made a video to encourage Muslim to vote for Modi and now she has made a video to Vote for Modi, vote for change. Meghna Patel said, “Mr Narendra Modi had changed the face of Gujarat through the Narmada project, industrialization and providing water to every farmer, besides improving electric supply, education, public distribution system and the law and order situation. I think it is very important that the people of the country votes. If they want a change in the country then they have to vote to the right person.”

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