Aamir Khan withdraws his offer to redevelop Bandra housing society

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Aamir Khan has withdrawn his offer to redevelop Bandra’s Virgo Cooperative society at Pali Hill. Out of the 23 members of the society five objected, saying that he was pressuring the committee members. They had also alleged that the society had not followed the democratic process of calling in bidders for redevelopment.

After the D’sa family filed a complaint with the registrar of cooperative societies alleging that Aamir Khan was forcing the committee members, a notice was issued to the society to appear before him with documents on April 15.

The actor then wrote a letter on March 28 offering to withdraw his offer stating that the allegations made against him were baseless and untrue.

“In light of the objections raised by some members of the society to my offer and taking cognizance of the fact that untrue allegations about me are floated by certain members of the society, I would like to withdraw my offer.’’

He also said, “my attempt was to create a win-win situation for all the members but I can see clearly that some members do not see it in that light. I have thought about the matter in great deal and would like to give value to the feelings of these members. I hope this puts an end to any allegations about me such as pressuring members to sell out and displacing members to build my mansion.’’

Khan owns three flats in the society and had made an offer to redevelop the two buildings in the compound. He had planned to buy 20,000 sq feet for a bungalow for himself. The actor had offered Rs 70,000 per sqft to the members who wanted to move out. A senior member of the society said, “We have lost such a nice offer. I don’t know which developer will come to us with as good an offer like Aamir.”

Meanwhile, the registrar of the cooperative society’s H Ward has issued a notice to the managing committee of the society to appear before them with the documents.

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