‘Khwaabb’ a film based on sports gets backing from Salman Khan

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Mumbai: Salman Khan has always come forward to help not only new and fresh faces but filmmakers as well. This time, in a bid to help a small film ‘Khwaabb’, a film based on sports, see the light of the day, Salman Khan has done everything he can for the film to reach out to a wider audience. He also attended the music launch of the film. At the event, Salman Khan said,” Yes, I always want the small budget films at least the ones which have a good content like this film ‘Khwaabb’. It is a pity that small budget films do not ever see the light of the day. At times they have finance problems and just get shelved. Therefore, if I like the script and anyone comes forward to seek any help from me, whatever small help I can render I try to do it. I understand the passion of small budget film makers. In this film I just helped them editing the extra length of the film. I also got them the music director and singer for them. When the film will come to theaters it will reach the audiences. A film should always see the light of the day. Making money then follows.”

Given a chance will Salman ever support a sportsman?, ” Yes I think a sportsman needs to live in a healthy condition. We need to take care of his diet. Our Government should give them jobs so that they can earn a simple living. Sportsman is not being able to maintain their energies for lack of proper food. Medical facilities should be given to them. Sportsman hailing from poor background should be encouraged and their day-to-day needs should also be taken care of. India can produce a good sportsman if they get proper facilities. They should be provided a healthy environment to live in,” said the actor.

Salman played cricket as a kid but he is not fond of the game. He added, ” I played cricket, football and also learned swimming as a kid .However, I do not like cricket and so I do not watch this game. My dad and Arbaaz watch cricket. All I can say is that IPL matches are entertaining,”

The film is an intense journey set in the larger, bureaucratic world of Indian sports. It illustrates why a country with a population of 1.2 billion people cannot produce winners. ‘Khwaabb’ is an eye opening story of two athletes and their struggle to succeed in the world of Indian sports.

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