Salman Khan’s office sends a warning to filmmaker

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With Salman Khan’s office threatening legal action over the alleged misuse of his name, filmmaker Muazzam Beg shelves his docu-drama

Salman Khan’s office has threatened to send a legal notice to the director of the film, ‘Munna Bhai, Sallu Bhai’.

Muazzam Beg wanted to make a docu-drama based on the fan following enjoyed by actors Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan, but he has now shelved the project. The filmmaker apparently received an email from the actor’s office warning him to not misuse the star’s name.

A source close to the actor says, “We first emailed him asking him to refrain from using Salman’s name to promote his film. But he continued despite our mail, so we then wrote him that we would take legal action.”

Beg confirms that he has now decided to not go ahead with the project. He says, “I have shot 30 per cent of my film and had invested around R50 lakh in the project. My film was going to tell a die-hard Sallu fan’s story and it would have been great if I could make the film. But I won’t be doing so now.”

He also concedes that it’s his fault that he did not take the actor’s permission. “I announced my film just after the Supreme Court sentenced Sanjay Dutt. There was no objection from his side, but Salman doesn’t approve of my film.

I should have sought their permission before shooting the film. I would not have lost so much money then,” he says.

It may be pointed out that Beg, who has written the script for the film, Swami, and directed Sadda Adda in the past, even launched the first look of his now-shelved film on Salman’s birthday last year.

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