‘Sanjay Dutt is not a jail VIP’

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Priya Dutt is worried. But that’s not stopping her from contesting the big election that’s round the corner. She says that’s a quality she picked from her dad, about “staying strong”. But brother Sanjay’s fate and the media “assault” is still a matter of both discussion and concern, and the sibling fears for his well-being.
“I am and will be always there for Bhai,” the Congress politician says.

“I share a great bond with Manyata too. It’s not that if I am married my bond has changed. We have our own families, but yet I will always stand by my brother. There’s also the parole affair that has been making the rounds.

“I would not like to comment on that much. Sanjay is a big name, yes, but all I can say is that the media needs a story so they have been focusing on it. Also, many say Sanju has been getting the VIP treatment. I just want them to go and see for themselves how he’s living.”

Priya is allowed a visit once a month and that is when she says she gets the most ‘emotional’. “We are allowed to visit him once a month. His immediate family visits whenever they are allowed. I try to keep myself occupied all the time so that I don’t have to think about Sanju in jail. But it’s at night when it becomes really tough. He never likes to be alone and he’s even scared of the dark. But yes, he has adapted and he’s staying strong. And to think there are hardcore criminals, murderers who walk free while an accused on circumstantial evidence is facing jail. Also, while mum suffered from cancer, we had to deal with it and I understood the feelings of people suffering from cancer. Now, Sanju is in jail and I understand how it is to be the accused in prison. It’s an absolute pity to see the conditions in which the prisoners are living in,” she adds.

There’s also word of the upcoming biopic on Sanjay – a book that may translate into a movie which, according to rumours, could also star Ranbir Kapoor.
“Sanju knows about that. We did get into that conversation and he told me that someone is writing it for him.”

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