Coming soon, a film on India’s 1983 Cricket World Cup win

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No one expected India, then minnows in world cricket, to win the World Cup in 1983; but they did. And today, 31 years and many World Cups later, a movie is being made on the historic event by Vishnu Vardhan Induri and national award-winning director Sanjay Puran Singh.

As Vishnu, the managing director of CCL, has always been associated with cricket, it doesn’t come as a surprise that he decided to produce a film on the World Cup win. “It’s surprising that no one ever thought of this. Our film is going to be an official biography of the 1983 match,” says Vishnu.

The captain of the winning team, Kapil Dev, has been taken on board and he will be advising the team.

Revealing a little known fact, Vishnu laughs, “Since they had a low score, even the family members, of the cricketers, including Kapil’s wife didn’t expect them to win. So when the match was going on, Kapil’s wife had gone shopping and missed the match. But no one told Kapil about this and he got to know about it only after the match!”

So, why a movie on the 1983 World Cup? “Not many know that India were the underdogs. It was the biggest thing to happen to us in sports. After the win everyone started looking up to us; so it is a good idea to showcase the facts and the reality,” says Sanjay.

The film will also have other members who were part of that series. “The members will offer advice wherever possible or they will be part of the publicity team,” adds Vishnu.

While work on the project has already begun, Vishnu says it will take time to get everything in place. “We have to audition people for the other team too. But for the Indian team, we plan to audition actors from across the country.”

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