Mr Amitabh Bachchan, that tweet wasn’t funny

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Mumbai: A tweet on a (missing?) plane sent out by Big B Amitabh Bachchan today begs to answer one question — how thin is the line between tragedy and voyeurism?

Bachchan tweeted today: T-1425 – A contribution sent on my sms : “OK Rajnikanth … enough is enough !! You win OK !! Now tell us where that plane is ..”

Is Bachchan referring to Malaysian Airlines MH370 that is missing for the last 13 days and is now the sole mission of an international, multi-nation hunt? A search for which Malaysia has put aside its national security? The same plane which carried 239 passengers whose relatives are desperate for anything that will give them closure?

Day Two of the search in the harshest waters of the southern Indian Ocean has just ended. The area is so remote that it takes an aircraft four hours to fly there and four hours back, and leaves only about two hours for the search.

Jokes about Tamil superstar Rajnikanth’s “inhuman abilities” are now folklore of almost epic proportions. Heaving a cathartic sigh at tragedy is a human trait, but lampooning it on social media might be in bad taste.

This is how one citizen responded to that tweet amid a sea of ‘LoLs’.

@SrBachchan the jokes about that plane are too much…hhhmmmm…its about ppl’s lifes here….hhhmmmm….

On Twitter’s 8th birthday, that tweet was certainly not a gift.

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