People love me here, says singer Neha Bhasin on her Hyderabad visit

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Neha Bhasin, who is in Hyderabad for a music concert at a college festival this time, says, “The crowd here is very warm and welcoming. I always end up having a gala time with the people in Hyderabad. In fact, I am surprised that Hyderabad likes me and people are crazy about my music.

“I didn’t know that my songs are popular here. Most importantly the audience here even knows the non filmy songs that I have sung. So, that’s an added advantage because they enjoy everything I sing.”

“It’s just been three months in the new year and I have already visited the city thrice. Once for an audio launch, and twice for college festivals. I am overwhelmed with the love the crowd showers on me,” says the actress who performed on Saturday.

“Whenever I travel to Hyderabad I try and explore the places here. Last time when I visited the city I went to the pearl market and got a pearl set for my mom,” she adds.

Neha is currently working on her new album, Gustakh. Along with film projects, she also wishes to do something original.

“I am a pop artist, so besides film songs, I also love doing independent stuff,” she says.

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