Ranbir Kapoor not taking ‘Bombay Velvet’ seriously: FB post

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The official fan club of Anurag Kashyap’s “Bombay Velvet” had a very strange update recently. Known for constantly updating the fans about the ongoing shoot the post this time around had a shocking revelation.

The FB page, active from start of the film in 2013 constantly updated news about the film and also shared exclusive pictures of the sets erected in Srilanka. But now, it has posted a very nasty comment claiming to be its last one.

The post, which has poor English, has announced that they will not support the film any more. It said, “ We have seen and hear a lot of BV (photos, story, look of Anushka Sharma, RK even a part of the music and background information about other roles) but our whole team don’t want to support “Bombay Velvet.”

The post further reveals and claims, something more shocking. “ A lot of people from the crew of Bombay Velvet told us what RK done on the set. RK had to repeat many scenes, he had hasn’t take the film seriously.”

We don’t know what went wrong but the post surely claims to know more than they have actually put up as their last update.

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